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  • Currency One SA is one of the biggest companies on the online currency exchange market in Poland. It was established as a result of merging the first currency peer-to-peer platform – with the first online currency exchange bureau –, both of which enable users to exchange currencies quickly and safely.

    Over 600 000 users have already trusted Currency One SA, exchanging tens of millions of euros, dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs and other currencies on a monthly basis.

    • clients: 600.000
    • employees: 100
  •, created in 2010, is the first Polish online exchange platform. Allows for safe, fast and cheap currency exchange. The platform is used by entrepreneurs and individuals, especially borrowers, people working abroad, and tourists as well. Transfers directly from the European Union and many other countries are also accepted.

    • clients: 300.000
  • is the first currency exchange platform in the world. Walutomat users can exchange currencies using a peer-to-peer solution, which simply means that its registered users exchange currencies with one another. Thanks to three-stage verification and security system, the platform guarantees a high level of transaction security. Since 2009 the users have exchanged over PLN 55 billion PLN.

    • clients: 300.000